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Scottsdale attorney Abigail Neal is a second generation Arizona native who is passionate about helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Abigail focuses her practice on trusts and estates, probate and business law. Call (480) 699-7992 today to speak to Arizona lawyer Abigail Neal.

Legal Affairs Checklist for Fall

With the fall season approaching, it’s an excellent time to review your affairs.  Below is a legal affairs checklist to ensure your planning meets your needs and is up-to-date: 1. When was your power of attorney last updated? A power of attorney is a valuable legal document, no matter what the circumstance. Not only is [...]

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SCOTUS: Kavanaugh Nomination

On June 27, 2018, Justice Anthony Kennedy sent a letter to President Donald Trump announcing his retirement from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). As one of nine justices, he was considered to be an important swing vote.  Consider: there are four "liberal" justices (Sotomayor, Ginsberg, Kagan and Breyer), and four "conservative" justices (Gorsuch, [...]

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SCOTUS Rules States Can Legalize Sports Gambling

Sports gambling will soon be legal in, most likely, all states who want it, due to a Supreme Court decision on Monday, May 14.  By a 6-3 margin, the Court struck down the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act,” (PASPA) which made it illegal for states to authorize sports gambling (with only a few exceptions), [...]

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Trump’s Tax Plan

On September 27 of this year Congressional Republicans and President Trump released their plan for tax reform. You can read whole thing at this link: The main points of the so-called Unified Framework are as follows: -Standard deductions will be increased. -There will be three tax brackets (12%, 25% and 35%) instead of the [...]

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Do You Need to Update Your Will When You Move?

Question:  Do you need to update your will when you move to a new state?   Answer: Yes, you should update your will when you move. Wills are governed by state law and should be updated to reflect the law in the new state of residence. Wills are a very state specific document.  In Arizona, [...]

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Do You Need a Trust?

What is a Trust and do you need one? You've probably heard about trusts on popular TV and radio shows.  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about trusts: Trusts - Defined A Trust, or Revocable Living Trust, is an estate planning document that states who you want to inherit your property and how.  [...]

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Guest Post: The Skinny on Probate Bonds

What is a probate bond? Probate bonds, which can also be referred to as fiduciary bonds are required by the court of individuals that are acting on behalf of others. For example, a fiduciary may be appointed by the court to manage someone’s finances, or to care for that individual if they are either too [...]

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Beneficiaries for Bank Accounts

Pay on Death and Transfer on Death Designations Setting up a Transfer on Death (“TOD”) or Pay on Death (“POD”) designation on your bank account is a simple and easy way to keep bank account assets out of probate.  A TOD or POD designation is effectively a beneficiary designation, similar to beneficiary designations on life [...]

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Probate Affidavits

Avoiding Probate with Probate Affidavits Also called a "small estate" affidavit, probate affidavits allow the heirs of a deceased person to collect the decedent's property without having to open probate.   This is also sometimes called the small estate probate exemption. There are two types of probate affidavits - personal property and real property.  Personal property is anything [...]

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Piercing the Corporate Veil

Piercing the Corporate Veil – What does it mean, exactly? First, let’s start with the concept of a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). Because they are in and of themselves “entities,” corporations and LLC’s have a legal existence – rights and liabilities distinct from their owners. So, the officers and shareholders are normally not [...]

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