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Scottsdale attorney Abigail Neal is a second generation Arizona native who is passionate about helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Abigail focuses her practice on trusts and estates, probate and business law. Call (480) 699-7992 today to speak to Arizona lawyer Abigail Neal.

Probate Attorney Scottsdale

Scottsdale Probate Attorney Who Provides Cost Effective Representation A loved one's passing is an understandably stressful time.  In addition to grieving for a loved one, individuals often find themselves in the position of being responsible to manage their love one's final affairs.  When it comes to the legal aspect of handling a love one's affairs, [...]

Breaking a Commercial Lease

Question: I can't afford the commercial lease for my office.  What should I do? Answer: Many business owners are faced with the difficult issue of wanting to break their commercial lease, for any of a host of reasons. And with the increased use by landlords of personal guaranties, breaking a commercial lease can be an [...]

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Can My LLC Be Taxed As An S-Corporation?

Question:  Can my LLC be taxed as an S-corporation? Answer:  Yes. One of the great features of a limited liability company is that it has numerous options for tax classification.  These options include sole proprietorship/disregarded entity, partnership, S-corporation and C-corporation tax classifications. For single member LLCs or husband and wife community property LLCs, the default [...]

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Do I Need A Living Trust?

Question:  Do I need a living trust? Answer:  It depends on your family situation, assets and estate planning goals. First, what is a living trust?  A living trust, also called a revocable living trust, is an estate planning vehicle that allows you to transfer your property to other persons after passing.  You can also specify [...]

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Top 7 Business Legal Issues

The services our firm provides are largely dedicated to helping individuals, families, entrepreneurs and companies save on their legal costs. That is, our attorneys endeavor to decrease our clients’ exposure to liability and litigation. Powers & Neal has taken this approach on behalf of numerous small businesses.  Here are the top seven business legal issues [...]

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Federal Judge Overturns Tom Brady NFL Suspension

Federal district judge Richard M. Berman is now a famous federal district court judge. Today, Judge Berman reversed a ruling by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend Tom Brady for four games, due to the "deflategate" dispute over underinflated balls Brady allegedly used in the AFC Championship game in January, against the Indianapolis Colts. Judge [...]

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What You Should Know About Wills and Probate

Thank you for visiting to learn some basics about wills and probate.   First, let’s define both wills and probate: A will is a document which states who should inherit a person's property after passing, who should administer their estate during a probate matter (the "personal representative"), and who should serve as the guardian for [...]

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Living Will

Question: What is a Living Will? Answer: a Living Will is a healthcare document that specifies your wishes in an end-of-life situation.  Not to be confused with a Last Will and Testament which disposes of a person's property after passing, a Living Will tells a person's loved ones and medical professionals their wishes regarding medical [...]

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What is Probate?

We are often asked by our clients: what is probate? Probate is the legal process by which a will is proved valid or invalid and the estate of a decedent is administered. In Arizona, the probate court has special jurisdiction over probate and estate matters. The Probate Court also handles matters involving guardianship, conservatorship, elder [...]

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A Peek into Princess Diana’s Will

While everyone, including myself, has caught Royal Baby Fever-itis just in time for the second Royal Baby, estate planner all over the United States are buzzing about the latest news regarding the reveal of Princess Diana’s will. 18 years after the young Princess’s untimely death, for the first time, her will has been revealed. Of [...]

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