Tammy Wynette’s Will

Did Tammy Wynette Want To Disinherit Her Children? Virginia Wynette Pugh, who later became known as Tammy Wynette, was born in Mississippi on May 5, 1942 to a family of cotton farmers. Tammy's father died when Tammy was just an infant. As Tammy grew up, she taught herself to play [...]

“The Will” – New Episodes Starting Soon!

For any of you who are into the interesting, strange and downright bizarre stories of the Rich and Famous and their estates, you have to check out Investigation Discovery's show "The Will". Personally, I really like this show (ok, I AM an estate planning lawyer) and find it both interesting [...]

Community Property Vs Separate Property

Question: What is community property? I am married and live in Arizona. Does this affect me? Answer: Married individuals living in community property states own property their property as either community property or separate property. Community property is all property acquired during marriage, except property acquired by gift or inheritance, [...]

New AZ Corporation Commission Nonprofit Forms – Good and Bad

Recently, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) released all new forms for entity filings. This includes new forms for nonprofit corporations. Depending on your goals, this could either help you or hurt you. Nonprofit corporations that wish to be tax exempt must include specific language in their Articles of Incorporation. Specifically, [...]

Arizona’s Homestead Exemption

What is a Homestead? Generally, a homestead is a dwelling including the land and buildings on the land that is occupied by the owner. What is a Homestead Exemption? A homestead exemption is a law that states that a person's homestead is exempted from seizure or sale for a debt [...]

Treating Children Fairly Doesn’t Always Mean Equally

Most parents want to treat their children fairly in their estate planning, and many assume this means that their children should have an equal inheritance. But fair does not necessarily mean equal. In some families, there may be special circumstances to consider. For example, parents may want to provide more [...]

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