Powers & Neal has represented a wide range of clients in various real estate matters.  Clients include  buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers, contractors, lenders and investors engaged in transactions and litigation.

Transactions.  Our aim in transactions is to protect the clients’ interests while closing the deal quickly.  For most, real estate transactions are among the most important transactions they will undertake.  Whether the transaction involves the purchase of a home, an investment property or a commercial lease, most people are taking on serious risk when entering into the deal. It is with that in mind that we provide diligent work for our clients in order to protect them after contracts have been signed.

Litigation.  Not all transactions go smoothly, of course, and not all transactional documents adequately address the points of dispute. Disputes between parties usually arise after a breach or perceived breach by one of the parties–then the letter writing begins with a war of words. It is often best to resolve issues outside of court through informal mediation or meetings, but if a solution cannot be found, unfortunate as it is, we will fight for our clients. From complaint through discovery and if necessary, to trial, we represent our clients with a personalized touch through the lengthy legal process.  Read more about our approach to disputes and litigation.

Powers & Neal has the experience and the know-how to guide clients through real estate legal matters.  If you need representation in a real estate matter,  please call  or email the Arizona real estate lawyers of Powers & Neal for high quality, reasonably priced representation.