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Abigail Neal with the Neal Law Firm

About Neal Law Firm

The legal profession has undergone major changes in the last ten years or so. And looking ahead, there are more to come. Many of these changes have been to the advantage of you, the client. Due to the supply of attorneys, there’s been greater price competition, commoditization of legal work, competition from non-traditional service providers, and flexible billing structures have changed over time and continue to evolve. Each of these factors is forcing law firms to become much more efficient by limiting overhead while increasing output. Some firms have reacted better than others.

We at Neal Law AZ strive constantly to provide competitively priced, yet top-tier work product for our clients.

Our Estate Planning & Business Law Practice Areas

Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts

Gain peace of mind, craft a distribution plan for assets, and care for children after passing.

Probate & Estates

Estate Planning & Probate

Maintain family harmony, handle court filings and creditors, and gather and distribute assets.

Business & Contracts

Business & Contracts

Advance your interests, memorialize agreements, and negotiate and create solutions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Christian Lawyers – Estate Planning & Business Law

We have represented hundreds of clients from diverse backgrounds—different ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. We have found that working purely in service to our clients (not the other way around) works best for effective representation.

In searching for the “right” attorney, many factors ought to inform us of the decision—experience, expertise, accessibility, responsiveness, personality, and other factors. The attorney’s value system may also be of great importance, and rightfully so. Indeed, due to the nature of the representation, the attorney-client relationship relies heavily on trust between the two. To this, we are not shy about proclaiming this firm’s Judeo-Christian heritage and that we are Christian lawyers. Even in today’s sometimes combative legal landscape, it is possible to be a Christian lawyer.

Christian Lawyers

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