Starting your business right is imperative to your business’ success. A business with a shaky foundation is exposed numerous potential issues that could affect profitability. The right professionals can help you get it done with confidence while creating a solid foundation.

People form entities because they help protect their personal assets if something goes wrong in the business. When you work with a professional to form your entity, you’ll learn how your business protects your assets and what to do and not do to make sure it stays that way.

We offer a number of different start up solutions to suit your individual business needs:

Form an Arizona Limited Liability Company

Our LLC Formation Service Includes:

Preparing Articles of Organization,

Hand filing the Articles with the Arizona Corporation Commission,

Paying the expedited $85 filing fee,

Preparing the Operating Agreement,

Preparing Initial Resolutions,

Obtaining the Company’s Federal Employer Identification Number, and

Acting as the company’s statutory agent for the first year.*

Optional LLC Formation Services Include:

Using our office address as the LLCs place of business address (for businesses without a physical address or in Arizona or those who want to keep their home address private).*

Form an Arizona Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership

We have some clients who would prefer to form partnerships instead of LLCs.

Our Partnership Formation Service Includes:

Preparing the Certificate of Limited Partnership and Qualification to be a Limited Liability Partnership,

Filing the Certificate with the Arizona Secretary of State and paying the filing fee,

Preparing the Partnership Agreement,

Publishing the Certificate in an appropriate newspaper and paying the publication cost, and

Acting as the company’s statutory agent for the first year.*

Form an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation

Please see our page dedicated to forming nonprofits and charities.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Starting your business off right always should include a plan to exit the business. At some point, every owner will exit their business. Common reasons include disputes between the owners, and an owner’s illness, incapacity or death. With a Buy-Sell Agreement you can be confident that your business is ready to weather the storms and can do so without unnecessary stress and costs.  This is a must have document for all multi-member LLCs.

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Please also note that the statutory agent fee is a yearly fee. This fee is included for the first year and then for each year thereafter it is $99/year. You may cancel at any time. The address service is also a yearly fee which may be cancelled at any time.

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