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We at Neal Law identify as a Christian law firm that embraces the Judeo-Christian traditions of the United States and also embrace God’s teachings as a guide. As Christian lawyers, we have a duty to serve his or her clients in an ethical manner pursuant not just to the standards of the Arizona Bar, but according to God’s teachings. Whether a client is seeking services from a Christian divorce attorney, Christian tax attorney, Christian business lawyer, or looking for some other area of ethically guided legal expertise, Neal Law Firm proudly upholds its religious standards and mores in all of its attorney-client affairs.


As a Christian law firm, we have represented hundreds of clients from diverse backgrounds—different ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations and religions. We have found that working purely in service to our clients (not the other way around) works best for effective representation.


In searching for the “right” attorney, many factors ought to inform us of the decision—experience, expertise, accessibility, responsiveness, personality and other factors. The attorney’s value system may also be of great importance, and rightfully so. Indeed, due to the nature of the representation, the attorney-client relationship relies heavily on trust between the two. To this, we are not shy about proclaiming this firm’s Judeo-Christian heritage and that we are Christian lawyers. Even in today’s sometimes combative legal landscape, it is possible to be a Christian attorney.


The United States itself has a Judeo-Christian heritage and so does the legal system.


The Declaration of Independence: The United States’ founding document relies on the premise that men and women “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” Furthermore, God is mentioned four times in three capacities: legislator (Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God), Creator (or executive), Supreme Judge of the world, and as guardian (divine Providence). Among the founding fathers were Christian lawyers.


The U.S. Constitution: The founding fathers signed and ratified the U.S. Constitution at the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1787. Just as with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution is premised upon the idea that individuals’ rights do not come from other men, but from a Supreme Being – God.


Judicial System: Oaths and affidavits, as administered to witnesses, elected representatives, judges and political appointees reference God. Currency contains the phrase “In God we trust.” The Ten Commandments and Moses are carved into the Supreme Court’s building in Washington, D.C. There are many other examples of the Judeo-Christian foundation of the United States.


Using Judeo-Christian values as a guide to the attorney-client relationship has served our clients and our firm well. We look forward to assisting you in your important matter across a wide spectrum of legal areas. Please contact our Christian lawyers today if you would like to learn more about faith-based estate planning.


God bless you and yours.

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