Probate can sound like a confusing topic – especially when we’re using terms like “intestate” or issuing “Letters” that aren’t really letters at all. In order to take some of the guesswork out of probate, here is a list of steps taken in a typical probate:

1. Initiate the Probate and Appoint the Personal Representative (person who administers the process):

Submit the application to appoint the personal representative, submit the bond or waiver of bond paperwork, obtain the Letters of Personal Representative

2. Notify the Heirs, Devisees and Potential Creditors

Publish notice to the creditors, notify any known creditors, notify devisees and potential heirs

3. Inventory the Assets of the Estate

Gather assets of the estate, obtain appraisals as necessary, prepare an inventory of assets in the approved format, retitle all assets into name of the estate

4. Manage Any Claims

Pay any valid debts of the estate, send notices of disallowance (if applicable)

5. Distribute the Estate to Heirs and Devisees

Determine who the heirs whether pursuant to a Will or under the laws of intestate succession, transfer assets to the heirs

6. Close the Estate

Prepare the final accounting or waiver of accounting, file the closing statement

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