Strange Will Requests by Famous People

These famous people took the concept of leaving their final wishes in their last will and testament to a whole new level. Here are some strange will requests by famous people: Napoleon Bonaparte: Wanted his head shaved and his hair divided among his friends. Ben Franklin: Left his daughter 408 [...]

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Probate Creditors

One step of the probate process is dealing with probate creditors. This includes identifying and notifying the creditors of the deceased and settling the deceased's debts. After death, a personal representative (the PR), assigned by either a written will or by the court, will handle the estate left by the [...]

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Guest Post: The Skinny on Probate Bonds

What is a probate bond? Probate bonds, which can also be referred to as fiduciary bonds are required by the court of individuals that are acting on behalf of others. For example, a fiduciary may be appointed by the court to manage someone’s finances, or to care for that individual [...]

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Beneficiaries for Bank Accounts

Pay on Death and Transfer on Death Designations Setting up a Transfer on Death (“TOD”) or Pay on Death (“POD”) designation on your bank account is a simple and easy way to keep bank account assets out of probate.  A TOD or POD designation is effectively a beneficiary designation, similar [...]

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Probate Affidavits

Avoiding Probate with Probate Affidavits Also called a "small estate" affidavit, probate affidavits allow the heirs of a deceased person to collect the decedent's property without having to open probate.   This is also sometimes called the small estate probate exemption. There are two types of probate affidavits - personal property and real [...]

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Piercing the Corporate Veil

Piercing the Corporate Veil – What does it mean, exactly? First, let’s start with the concept of a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). Because they are in and of themselves “entities,” corporations and LLC’s have a legal existence – rights and liabilities distinct from their owners. So, the officers [...]

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